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 We understand how hard it can be to find a pet salon that will honor your special requests, somewhere that is conveniently located, a place  that you and your pet will enjoy visiting. We have been making the pets of Chicago look and feel their best for almost 25 years. We are the first salon in Chicago with an open concept which allows our customers to view every part of their pets grooming services. Our pet stylists have over 50 years combined experience in the grooming industry, which means that we are capeable of dealing with any challenge your pet may have when visiting the groomer and make the experience a positive one. Consistant quality work from a caring professional staff is why we have a 95% rebooking rate. Let us be your locally owned neighborhood pet salon.



 COVID 19 PROCEDURES: what to expect upon re-opening


1.Please allow more time than usual for the grooming process. We will call you as we are finishing. New procedures on our end may make the process take a little longer.

2.Please arrive wearing a mask and your dog on a leash. For everyones safety we do not want to be physically handed your dog.

3. The salon lobby is CLOSED to the public.We will meet you in the yard area with mask and gloves on, place our leash on your dog and take yours off and give it back to you. The transfer needs to happen in the safety of our yard enclosure. We will not make the transfer on the sidewalk or car. Clients are no longer permitted to wait in the lobby while their pet is being groomed.

4. Payment will be taken over the phone. Either at time of confirmation call or time of completion call please be prepared to put your credit card on file with us. If you would like to add a tip you may do so at that time. Due to the ongoing expense of PPE for all employees we are temporarily suspending the Rebooking Discount.

5. At the time of completion call please be prepared to rebook the next appointment so that we may get everyone back on schedule. We will no longer be giving out reminder cards so that we may limit the amount of social transfer.

6.At the time of pick up enter the yard area and please wait we will be right with you. If someone is already in the yard, allow them to pick up their dog and then enter the yard area. Please have the collar and leash with you upon your return.

7. Get ready for your dog. They will be very exicited to see you and be exiting the salon without any gear. If you have more than one dog we will send them out one at a time. We are working hard to do our part to keep everyone safe. Thank you for your patience and cooperation. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by phone during normal business hours.